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About the RBG Foundation

The RBG Foundation is really just a special fund of the Electric Plant Board of the City of Glasgow which represents the donations from the individual employees of the EPB and some special friends. This structure allows the tax-exempt status of the EPB to be enjoyed by the contributors to the foundation and it allowed us to get the RBG Foundation up and running in a very short period of time.

While all activities of the RBG Foundation are governed by the Board of the EPB, there is no co-mingling of RBG Foundation funds and the general funds of the EPB. The RBG Foundation is managed by a Board consisting of:

Mr. Wade England - LAN Department
Mr. Bill Anderson - Customer Service Department
Ms. Amy Hall - Administrative Department
Ms. Bobbi Edwards - Accounting Department
Mr. Erik Price - Electric Operations Department
Ms. Dawn Landrum - Engineering Department
Mr. Eddie Russell - Cable Television Department
Mr. Rickey Pedigo - Broadband Operations Department
Mr. Josh Francis - Technical Services Department
Mr. Scott Young - Jama Young Family Representative
Mr. William Ray - Superintendant
Ms. Norma Redford - Board Secretary