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Welcome to the RBG Foundation

This Foundation is a product of the hearts and minds of the employees of the Glasgow Electric Plant Board. A strong desire has always existed among the members of the EPB team to be involved in philanthropic efforts throughout our community. The real mission of the RBG Foundation is to provide educational opportunities and other incentives for young people in our region to pursue education in the fields of science, technology and engineering. We truly believe that these young people can and will become catalysts in the process of making our world a better place.

One of our first endeavors as a Foundation will be to support the newly-formed KY Academy of Mathematics and Science at WKU. This Academy is a residential program for KY high school juniors and seniors who excel in math and the sciences, and are looking for advanced study and research in those subjects. We as a Foundation also want to honor the amazing life of our co-worker, our friend and sister, Jama Young. The RBG Foundation will be doing just that at the Academy. Not only will we be making a financial commitment in honor of Jama, but it is also our hope that members of the EPB team will be able to assist these students through internships and mentoring. These students love the sciences and technology, just as Jama did, and we truly believe that they are just embarking on the road to lives full of astonishing and remarkable accomplishments. We encourage you to visit the Academy’s website at www.wku.edu/academy. If you have any questions about the RBG Foundation, please contact any member of our Board of Directors.